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Teen Ministry

Freeway Baptist Church is a family that is very active in helping the community.  We organize activities that our teen group can be involved in to teach teens about Jesus and teach them Biblical principles on how to strengthen their walk with the Lord. We are a church active in going door to door to tell people about the hope that can be found in a relationship with Jesus. Our teens have an important part in seeing that this is accomplished on a weekly basis and that is why our teens have adopted the name of TRAFFIC. TRAFFIC stands for Teens Reaching All For Faith In Christ and our teen group regularly has visitors as we go out to invite people to church. In every activity and event the church emphasizes developing a stronger love for Jesus Christ and teens are encouraged to be more conformed to the image of Christ as that is what will cause them to continue in the faith.


The focus of the Teen group is to help teens to understand that they can have an active role in the work of the Lord, that they are each a vital piece in God's plan of seeing all to come to a saving faith in Him, and that they can be involved and make a difference now. God is working on us all every time we dive into God’s Word and learn to rely on Him to sustain us in our daily lives and we hope you will join us as we continue to make leaps of faith going into the future.

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